Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Notaku Diaries - Episode 5

Secret Identities Revealed, Day-Glo Cowboys, The Air Finale, and Drills!!!

Still no Tomato, but the rest of the gang soldiers on. We start watching Gurren Lagann, hit the halfway mark on Princess Tutu, and go deeper into Trigun. We also FINALLY end the national nightmare that is Air. Well, the main discussion of Air at least. We may mention it again...

The opening theme used in this episode is "Tori No Uta" (Air OP) by Lia. The ending theme is "Underground" (Gurren Lagann ED 1) by High Voltage.

BONUS! This is Episode 5.01 since RacattackForce fixed the audio problem. Any modifications to an episode will be noted like with the new Eva movies.
Edits made on 2-10-2011

For more info, go here: http://goo.gl/LTyoD

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