Old Descriptions

Old descriptors that I used to post on the opening page of this site. Like This:

WELCOME to WRSP, the home of the podcasts of The [Real] Scratch Pad. Here, you can subscribe to both of our shows, the anime-focused "Notaku Diaries" and recent-animation-driven "Not Another Old Cartoon Podcast". Eventually, we will have feeds for each show, but this feed will also host any special downloadable audio/video project we might have in the future. Until then, subscribe, listen to both shows, and send us some feedback. You can comment by going to the links in each episode or by e-mailing us via realscratchpad@gmail.com. You can also contact us over on Twitter (@realscratchpad & the individual accounts of each Padder/host) and via our Facebook page. And, if you haven't visited The [Real] Scratch Pad, come on over and check us out. 

-tetrisdork, The [Real] Scratch Pad's media manager and 5th chair on "Notaku Diaries" 

Twitter: @tetrisdork

(This was posted from the start of the feed itself until October 15, 2011)